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SQL Server >> Bug with Linked Servers....

I would love it if someone could suggest a way around this one, but this
morning I was reviewing errors in my 156 SQL systems and found that on one of
them a task I run that moves data to a central Server for it's group had
failed for the last few days.

In investigating the error it was being returned via the Task's history as
"Login Automation Error"... This surprised me, as the larger and more
important task (both of which do nothing more than run an Insert into
linkedserver.database.dbo.table select from othertable) was succeeding. I
checked the linked server properties.. Nothing there. I ran the task as
DBO/Sysadmin.. It failed and returned the same error.....???

THen I turned on Profiler... (this is where it gets interesting)

I deleted all records inserted and ran it again
6 recordsthe BOOM
After examining the row that was failing (an error log) I noticed something
The error message was as follows.
"Classification: LogOnOffFunctions - Logon : Automation error"

I then excluded this error from being the task and to my surprise,
everything ran fine!

What is up with that?? Is this a known bug? How can I get this important
info to transfer? Do I need to do what the spammers do by adding spaces to
the words to stop it from being recognised..


SQL Server68