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SQL Server >> hp ultrium lto 3 tape support

Can any one tell me if SQL Server supports backup to tape hp ultrium
lto 3 tape?
I tried to backup to the tape and recieved :

Internal I/O request 0x56193E20: Op: Write, pBuffer: 0x04250000, Size:
65536, Position: 0, UMS: Internal: 0xC0000185, InternalHigh: 0x10000,
Offset: 0x0, OffsetHigh: 0x0, m_buf: 0x04250000, m_len: 65536,
m_actualBytes: 65536, m_errcode: 1117, BackupFile: \\.\Tape0

I also tried to use the parameter NOINIT , FORMAT and got the same
The tape is working fine with NTbackup.


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