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MS Word Doc >> "Corrupted" frame document? - Word 2003

I am in the process of creating a resumé and discovered an excellent document
saved in one of my folders that I had originally created over a year ago. I
was drawn to the structure of the resumé, which I recall was composed as one
large table using frames, and intended to simply update the information for
current use, so I moved the file to a new folder for ease of access. However,
when I attempted to open the file again later that day, Word informed me that
it was either corrupted or infected with a virus.

I followed all of the relevent procedures in the Microsoft Knowledge Base
( http://www.hide-link.com/ ), including updating anti-virus
software, performing a clean boot, reopening the file in Draft Mode or
WordPad, and a lot more, but to no avail. Opening the file in Draft Mode and
WordPad yielded a blank document displaying the message "This document uses
frames, but your browser does not support them."

If possible, I would like to resolve this issue and recover the document so
as to update the information inside. Any advice would be much appreciated.