Problem with Printing Word Documents  
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MS Word VBA >> Problem with Printing Word Documents

I have a VB.NET application I wrote to assist users in printing groups of
Word 2000 documents multiple times. Let say that 1 group consists of 10 word
documents and I need 10 copies of the group, 100 documents total. When these
documents are printed, some of the pages within the documents do not print
completely. Incomplete printing would be, a document with a header and
footer but no data or a document with only part of the pages data. The page
or pages that are incorrect are not always the same. I have tested with
several different print drivers as well as a few different printers. I
believe that it is a Word issue, due to my last application change. I
modified the application to print to a file and the same thing is happening.
I am using Word 2000 SP3. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks