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OS - XP Prof SP2, Office 2003.
I have a VBA Userform with a text box where people type in the number
of parties to the
agreement. If they type "2" then it must prompt twice for the 1st
Party name and 1st Party ID or Registration Number and prompt again
for 2nd Party and 2nd Party ID or Registration Number. If they type
"3" then it must prompt three times and assign to all different
variables. Then I have a word template which I would like to program
saying {DOCVARIABLE 1stParty} to insert the 1st party name, then
{DOCVARIABLE 1stPartyRegNo} the word "and" {DOCVARIABLE 2ndParty} to
insert the 2nd party name, then {DOCVARIABLE 2ndPartyRegNo}. However
if you have 3 parties it must do {DOCVARIABLE 1stPartyRegNo} to hard
returns (blank spaces) {DOCVARIABLE 2ndParty} to insert the 2nd party
name, then {DOCVARIABLE 2ndPartyRegNo} then the word "and" and
{DOCVARIABLE 3rdParty} {DOCVARIABLE 3rdPartyRegNo}. I know how to do
the form but I have no clue as to how to program the document for it
to know when to use 2 parties or when to use 3 parties. I thought of
something like "if docvariable parties = 2 then docvariable 1st Party,
docvariable 2nd party and docvariable 3rd party" but somehow I am not
managing to get the programming in the word template to understand my
commands. Unless I assign the whole toot to one variable and only
insert the one variable in my document. Any assistance or ideas will
be appreciated.