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MS Word Doc >> Strange printing issues

I have a document which was basically created by three different people and
then assembled and formatted using Word 2003. It includes section and page
breaks and prints pages in correct order for me (on two different printers)
but does not do so for two other people who I created the document for. When
they put in a print request for specific pages, such as (1-8) it may print
page 6 and then 1-5 and 7-8. I believe they are using Macs. I have already
ensured that continuous paging is selected at each of the section breaks.
Additionally on some printers the landscaped pages containing tables print
with the top of the table on the lefthand margin (where we need it to be as
we have a page number specifically inserted in a text box so it prints in the
same location as the portrait pages) and on other printers it prints with the
top of the table on the righthand margin (meaing this page looks to be upside
down in our complete document). I need to fix this problem as soon as
possible. All the searching/research I've done hasn't helped, so I would
greatly appreciate any advice.