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Andrew Ross

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Hi all,

I am at a loss here and don't really know where to go from here... I have a client that is wanting me to create a custom application that will add/edit WorkflowTemplate within Sharepoint.... I have read and read, post after post on how to create Workflows from Sharepoint Designer and Visual Studio, they want a visual way to create the workflows, then use Infopath to create the form(i'll worry about that part later)... That is all fine and good, but my client has no clue how to use them and don't want to learn :).... I found a little something on, its a Workflow Manager... This does help to a point, but where would i go from here... What they want me to do is to allow them to run an application on the host server, that will allow them to create these Templates using an application similar to the sample on I am not needing someone to show me step by step, what i need is some type of example on how to get all information and a Workflow that is in Sharepoint and edit it.... Plus i need to be able to create Workflows from within this application. I can easily get information from the server about what workflow templates are available but how would i update/add new stuff to these... I keep reading about these xoml files and rule files... but i have no clue where they come into play or what all info in required in these.. Plus to be able to send all this info to sharepoint.

P.S. I am not a very good typer. sorry about that. i just develope talk :)

Andrew Ross

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