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Ross William Nelson

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We currently have a Sharepoint 2003 Site which is being used in an extranet envrionment, but could be more closely described as being internet over VPN. External partners, not in any domain of our organisation, are currently logging in to utilise the site. Basic Authentication is enabled. All external parties as far as we know are using IE and a Windows environment of some form.

Users are logging into the site successfully with a challange/response dialog. However, when they attempt to access a document, which opens up word or whatever other appropriate Office tool for the file type, they are prompted again for the basic auth challenge. If they access any more word documents, all is fine. However if they close word and access another document they are challenged again.

Does anyone have any suggestions Is this fixed or is there a suitable workaround for this in 2007 Does anyone have a url for a standard MS pattern for Sharepoint 2007 running in an internet envrionment in terms of security configuration

All help gratefully accepted!


Ross Nelson

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